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Here I list questions and information's I am looking for, related to the Iraq railway stamps and it's postal service.


If you can help me to solve some mysteries, I would be more then happy if you could contact me.

  1. Who can provide me with an image of the logo / monogram of the old Iraq Railway (not the logo of the new Iraq Republican Railway)?

  2. Who can provide me with old photographs showing railway stations in Iraq?

  3. Who can provide me with old Iraq railway maps?

  4. Who can confirm to me the location of Ghuchan? (SOLVED)

  5. Who can solve the mystery about the railway stations Khadimain and Al Juwadain. They are obviously in Baghdad, listed as 2 different railway stations, but apparently identical locations. (SOLVED)

  6. I.P.C. Camp (Iraq Petroleum Company at the end of a short branch railway line to Kirkuk. This station / halt puzzles me. After World War II the Iraq Petroleum Company opened their branch at Kirkuk in January 1947. Now, how can this be a railway station with a post office as being announced in the Iraq Post Office Guide 55 from 1930 when the railway branch line opened only in 1947? I assume that the I.P.C. Camp had a post Office and was using railway stamps. The letters were canceled at the post office and forwarded to the nearest railway station which was Kirkuk.

  7. Who can identify this railway station from Baghdad? Baghdad had 4 Railway Stations but unfortunately on the card it is only mentioned Baghdad Station.(SOLVED)

  8. At Shuaiba Junction is the railway junction of the branch line to Shuaiba. I have a cover in my collection with a railway postmark from Shuaiba Junction dated ay 1929, but, Shuaiba Junction is not even listed in the 1930th.Post Office Guide issued by the Iraqi Post. Any feedback/help is appreciated.

  9. Several recipients of Iraq Railway Covers are known on a number of such covers. Who can provide information on these recipients as follows:
    Albert D. Shohet, Post Box 26, Basrah
    J. Donaldson, 30 / 175 Church Street, Baghdad or also H. V. Donaldson, 30 / 175 Church Street, Baghdad and c/o K . O. C., Khanaqin
    V. Stansfield, Rothamsted Exp. Station, Harpender, England / UK
    Albert Asfar, Agent Consulaire de France, Basrah
    Had these Persons contact to philatelists which had used their address to send letters?