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  • October 28, 2011. Finally I can show a complete booklet pane of RP-5, another stamp (RP-3) with postmark of Bat-Hah, a fragment with the postmark of Nasiriyah, a stamp with postmark of Baiji and additional items have been added for Kirkuk and Maqil.
  • April 6, 2011. The mystery about locations of the railway stations Khadimain and Al Juwadain is finally solved. Based on an old railway map they are indeep 2 different railway stations in Khadimain area of Baghdad.
  • January 14, 2011. Images of Hillah, Kurdarah and Tikrit Railway stations have been added. You find them on the Post Offices, Stations / Halts page under the respecitve station name.
  • (Oktober 8, 2010). The menue on these pages has been modifed and a very easy to use (and modify) menue written in javascript has been implimented. However, you need to have javascript enabled on your browser.
  • A 1928 cover from Hindiyah has been added
  • A 1929 cover with Shuaiba Junction postmark has been added. However, that cover has raised some questions.
  • A cover with a fake Hamza postmark has been added.
  • Postmarks from Baghdad North, Iftikhar, Khidhr and a cover from Khidhr with a routing label have been added.
  • A 1928 stamps, type RP-1 with perforation on the left side instead of the usual pin-perforation.
  • A postcard sent from Multaka Ur (Ur Junction) to Baghdad.
  • A Postmark from Ali Serai has been added.
  • The Location of the Ghuchan railway station has finally been confirmed.
  • A new Page I like to introduce with questions and mysteries related to the Iraq Railway which I like to have solved.
  • A picture from the 1920th. showing the Balad railway station building has been added.
  • A newspaper clipping of the most likely first appearance of the Iraq Railway stamps in the philatelic press has been added on the Literature and Links page...
  • To my big surprise, in the 2007/2008 edition of the German Michel Middle East Catalogue there is a  footnote and some images. Not very much but after intensive lobbying by the author it is at least a beginning.
  • My own article "Iraq Railway Post 1928 - c. 1942", published in the October 2007 issue of "The American Philatelist", the monthly publication of the American Philatelic Society. Permission granted by APS
  • Who can identify this railway station from Baghdad? Baghdad had 4 Railway Stations but unfortunately on the card it is only mentioned Baghdad Station. (SOLVED, It is Baghdad-West)
  • A beautiful article from the April 1928 issue of "The Railway magazine" which included a 1928 railway map has been added. (PDF Format, 6,60 MB)