The Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle


Lost items from David Feldman’s Tibet Auction on 4th. December 2017.

The following items have been reported as lost in the Mail and could be traced up to International Sorting Office in Belgium. If any members/collector have noticed or will notice them please get in touch with the webmaster.


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ca1900, Two commercial covers from Tibet to Nepal



ca1900, Two privately carried trader's mail folded covers from Tibet to Nepal, both with fine quality wax seals



Waterlow Die Proof: 1/6 tr. Dark Blue, stamp size, fresh rich colour, very fine and rare, cert. Olsson



1/3 tr. Dark Blue, unused complete sheet of 12



1/2tr. Deep Lilac, unused complete sheet of 12, cert. Flack



1 tr. Vermilion, unused complete sheet of 12, bright deep shade



Die Proof: 1/2 tr. Dark Blue, cliché 5, unused, scarce



Die Proof: 1/2 tr. Dark Blue, cliché 3, unused, scarce



Die Proof: 1/2 tr. Dark Blue, cliché 3, lightly used, scarce



Radio Telegraph Stamps (Usable as Postage)

1/2 Sang Yellow, one unused sheet of four, one used sheet on four (Lhasa 7 wavy lines), one unused single and one used single



Radio Telegraph Stamps (Usable as Postage)

1 Sang Violet, two unused sheets of four and one used sheet on four (9 wavy lines - Shigatse)



Tibet - Chinese Post Offices (People's Republic of China)

Large part of a Tibet collector's library in large box, noted Waterfall catalogue. Hellrigl "The Postal Markings of Tibet", Alevizos "The Armand Singer Tibet" plus two supplements, Flack "Tibet 3rd Issue", Bibbins "Tibet First Issue Plating Notebook", Flack "The Classic Forgeries of the 1912 Issue" from 1994 and 2007, Virk "Sikkim Tibet", Haverheck "Tibet", China catalogue from 1995, "Handbuch der FG China Philatelie", Singer "The Officials of Tibet", Singer "The Essays and Proofs of Tibet", Bibbins "Second Series ca1914", plus run of Study Circle and Himal journals, fine & scarce offer

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The Crown of Bhutanese Philately. 
1920ca. The finest of two existing scarf covers from HRH the King of Bhutan to his friend Sir Charles Bell in Bumthang. Bell was Minister and administrator in Sikkim.
Throughout the history of Bhutan - as in Tibet - a runner service existed between the fortified cities of Dzongs and Lamaseries. This is one of only two recorded covers sent by Bhutan's ruler - the Dharma Rajah of Bhutan, sealed with his red wax seal showing in centre the shape of crossed Dorji. They were addressed "To be offered to the presence of my friend, the five times excellent Bell Sahib, the great Commissioner, from Buntang in Bhutan". Major exhibition item for a Bhutan collection and one of only two recorded covers (Waterfall)