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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Latvia

No Overland Mail surcharges from Latvia are recorded, however, a cover has been found, mailed from Latvia to Baghdad and somehow carried by the Overhand Mail from Beirut to Baghdad. Interestingly, in the archive of the British Postal Museum, formerly called Postal Heritage, i found records indicating covers from Latvia were routed via London. There was even no mail previously known sent from Latvia to Iraq through the assumed, for political reasons, usual route "Via Russia" and Iran to Baghdad.


Registered cover sent from Latvia/Liepaja, dated 16 February 1934, to Baghdad/Iraq. Initial foreseen route was as per the manuscript route instruction "VIA RUSSIE". For unknown reasons the cover was sent to Beirut (arrival postmark Beyrouth 25 February 1934) where the old Route Instruction "VIA RUSSIE" was cancelled and replaced by "Par Automobile Beyrouth - Baghdad" simultaneously with an handwritten note in French on the back: "Arrived in Beirut to be forwarded by the Special Motor Service Beyrouth - Baghdad, The Controller". The blue cross is a indication that the over was sent via London as the French Post did not used blue crayon markings to indicate a registered letter. The postal rate of 75 santīmi relates to a registered international letter of the first weight slap (35 santīmi postage + 40 santīmi registration) during the time of 21 December 1931 – 14 April 1935.