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Photo Gallery - Buses


Images of Buses used by the Nairn Transport Company are shown here. Please click on a mage to open it in a new layer with an enlarged image.

  Marmon-Herrington THD-315-6 with articulated omnibus trailer, used by the RAF for the 1,300-mile duty transport run between Habbaniyah, Iraq, and Damascus, Syria. In 1932, two "Desert Pullman" bus conversions of the THD-315-6, originally an oilfield pipe carrier, were bought by the Nairn Transport Co. to run between Baghdad and Damascus. One of the vehicles was taken over by the RAF in 1943 and is seen here at Habbaniyah, compared in size with a Hillman Minx staff saloon car. Known as the "Monster Bus" in RAF service it carried 44 passengers and their luggage, was fully air-conditioned and was equipped with a kitchen, lavatory and iced-water on tap. Nairn Bus in Ramadi, taken around 1934 Nairn Bus "somewhere" in the desert
Nairn Buses, stuck in the Wadi Nairn Bus, stuck in the Wadi