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Still THE book for these issues is Historia Filatelica de la Guerra Pacifica, by Angel Puppo, published in 1935. With some luck, a copy can be obtained at auction but it is a difficult to get book.

Peru Departamentales, a specialist catalogue of (for me) unknown origin. On 48 pages in Spanish language every stamp which all varieties are listed and priced.

Philatelic History of the War between Peru and Chile 1879-1884, by W. G. Howland, published in 1966 from the American Philatelic Society. A small booklet of 28 pages, covering the philatelic history of the war in a very good and compressed form.

H.H. Moll, "Catalogo de sellos Peruanos", (portion concerned with 19th century issues), 1957.

H.H. Moll, "Historia postal y filatelica del Peru", ?.

A. Puppo, "Historia filatelica de la guerra del Pacifico", 1935. (English translation by S. Bardelson)

"El Trencito" - Journal of the Peruvian study circle

"Kohl's Grosser Katalog und Briefmarken Handbuch", pgs 966-981, 1909.

N.C. (Neil Chernoff), Listing of provisionals as given in 7 different catalogues. (3pp)

W.G. Howland, "Philatelic history of the war between Peru and Chile 1879-1884", Am. Phil, reprint,pgs 1-28, 1966

Anon, Photocopy of album page with eight battalion seals which acted as franking privileges during War of the Pacific.

N.C., Listing of War of Pacific cancels on Chilean stamps as given by Moll and Puppo.

H.H. Moll, "Enteros peruanos durante Guerra del Pacifico", Chile Filatelico, No. 169, pgs 15-16, ?

M.E. Evans, "A catalogue of the stamps of Peru" (1857-1886) with separate commentary by J.K. Tiffany,

H. Weeks, " The War of the Pacific 1879-1884: The Chilean Postal Administration in the Occupied Cities of Bolivia and Peru - The Bolivian Campaign, ?,

H. Weeks, "The War of the Pacific 1879-1884": the Weeks Collection, ?,

E. Zamudio, "Bosquejo Filatelico de la Guerra del Pacifico", Chile Filatelico, ?, 5 parts pgs 8-16, 18-29, 4-15, 4-16, 15-19.

I.S. Pasquali, "Un analysis de Falsificaciones Filatelicas de los Sellos de la Guerra del Pacifico., Chile Filatelico, ?, 2 parts pgs 25-28, 91-93.

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