My Special Interests

I like to concentrate myself on following areas which I collect by myself. The information's you will find are therefor much more as usual.

Tibet, 1/3 Trangka, Issue 1912

the Local Stamps and all other parts of the fascinating philatelic history of this country.

Tibet, 2 Trangka, Issue 1933

the Classic Stamps and Postal History

Iran, Bagheri Issue 1866, 1 Ch. Type 2

the first, so-called Lion issues.

Iran, Bagheri Issue 1866, 8 Ch. Type 1

Overland Mail Baghdad - Haifa

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the Semi Official and City Post stamps. Not much is know about them.

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Below listed areas I do not collect anymore, the respective pages will therefore not be updated anymore.

Ancachs, Mi-No. 3

Peru-Local Post (Civil War Issues)
the provisional issues from the time of the war with Chile.

Cusco, Mi-No. 30
Ardatof, Chuchin No. 22

Russia - Zemstvo Issues
the fascinating Russian Rural stamps.

Atkarsk, Chuchin No. 12.

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