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Forgeries Issue 1914 / 1920 / 1924

GENUINE STAMPS, Caracteristics
4 Trangka
The small rays from the ring point inwards
8 Trangka
The small rays from the ring point outwards 

Being able to distinguish between the two values of the second series helps in identifying many 4 Trangka forgeries. Many stamps being offered as the 4 Trangka value are in fact forgeries of the 8 Trangka, but printed in blue.

A pair of 4 Tr. forgeries, frequently offered at Online Actions.
Note the the small rays from the ring point outwards, typical for these forgeries!

In the 1980th, a dealer from India, called Lodha, produced a very large number of fake covers. Furthermore, some other scrupulous forgers produced a large number of covers. If you see covers like the shown below, stay away from them..

Note: Please click on the link for similar fake covers franked with stamps of the issue 1912 or 1933.