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Native Proofs

Native Proofs of the 1912 issue of Tibet are the rarest parts of the Tibetan Postal History. Extremely small quantities apparently were prepared and are very much sought by collectors. The native proofs were prepared in Tibet because of the so-called Waterlow proofs, called because the famous but not existent anymore British Printing Firm Waterlow and Sons had prepared proofs for the Tibetans government as well) which were no accepted and no printing contract had been made, most likely due to the costs) and native proofs were prepared based on the original Waterlow proofs but in different colours and nomination. The proof shown is a native proof in the 1/6 Trangka nomination in violet colour, printed on wove machine paper. Up to now, only one sheet of 12, which had been split up, is known.


Native Proof in violet   Native Proof in blue