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Issue 1912 - Waterlow Essays

Based on a draft received from the Tibetan government, the famous British printing house Waterlow & Sons prepared a few essays and sent them to the Tibetan government for approval. All these essays had been in the nomination of 1 Karmanga, printed in various colours. However, most likely due to financial reasons, Waterlow & Sons did not receive the order to print the stamps of Tibet; however, they had been printed in Tibet in the traditional printing way. These so-called Waterlow Essays as they are no called are very rare and only a few are known.  

Waterfall mentions in his Tibet handbook that some of the Waterlow Essays show part of the Watermark “Jas. Wrigley and Son Ltd“., without giving details which ones are known with and without watermark.


Following Waterlow Proofs are known and for the first time i will also indicate if they exist as per my knowledge with and witout watermark. Of course, unless I get information from other collectors i only can inform about itemes I have in my collection.


All Waterlow Essays are in the nomination of 1/3 Trangka.



Color Code

Perforated  / Imperforated

Without Watermark

With Watermark

Blue 21E8 imperforated ? ?
Orange 5A8 imperforated ? Yes
Green 27D8 imperforated ? Yes
Yellow-Green 28C8 imperforated ? ?
Red 9A8 imperforated ? Yes
Yellow 3A8 imperforated Yes ?
Carmine 11A9 imperforated ? ?
Albino imperforated Yes ?
Mauve 13D4 imperforated ? ?
Deep Blue-Green 27E8 perforated ? ?
Yellow-Green 28C8 perforated ? ?
Albino   perforated ? ?