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"Russia Zemstvos" by A. Chuchin.
Chuchin's 1925 edition has become the standard numbering system for Zemstvo's. This 1988 edition (reprint) is the original text, listing 2500 stamps, but with many hundreds of additional illustrations at the right place of the text, making Zemstvo identification easy for the first time. In English language, 92 pages, price around £ 9.00 (US-$ 14,--) If can be ordered directly from the Publisher at - jbarefoot@aol.com. Please visit also his fine Web Site at http://www.jbarefoot.co.uk/

"Zemstvo Postage stamps of Imperial Russia" by Alex Artuchov
There are 3 volumes published so far, covering Zemstvo's from Akhtyrka to Noyouzensk, with background information's, varieties, plating etc... much more detailed then Chuchin.Further volumes will be published in due course to complete the series. 1st. edition 1995, in English language, 600 pages, price around £ 55.00 (US-$ 85,--).
NEW: I just got informed (4th. December 1998) that Part 4 is now available from the Author and you can contact him by Email at Artuchov@hotmail.com

"Sammlung Russischer Landschaftsmarken im Reichspostmuseum"by Mr. C. Schmidt, Berlin
German language book, edition 1934 . With a little luck you can obtion a copy of that classic book at an auction....

"Russian Rural Stamps - from Alatyr to Zolotonoscha- ,by William Herrick"
The 1978 Migliavacca reprint of 150 copies, large format, 128 pages with illustrations, beautifully hardbound
Availalbe from: Vernon Pickering, P.O.Box 11156, St. Thomas, VI, USA at US$99.00 (surface mail) or $120.00 (airmail) - orders can be placed via e-mail - issun@caribsurf.com

"Oleg Fabergé, The Zemstvo Post of Russia"
Published by Oy Finlandia 88AB, PL 257, 00101 Helsinki, Finland. It is priced at 960FM (around $225). A beautiful book about the Zemstvo Collection formed Oleg Faberge, but no Philatelic Handbook. Costly but everybody has to decide for him self if it is worth...

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